Cinnabar Ore Vermilion

Cinnabar Ore 

Cinnabar Ore; End seller of massive red cinnabar ore for pigments vermilion or chinese traditional medicine of very high quality. We offer high quality cinnabar ore or mercury ore in lump. Cinnabar, sometimes written cinnabarite, is a name applied to red mercury (II) sulfide (HgS), or native vermilion, the common ore of mercury.

Cinnabar Ore
Cinnabar Ore
Cinnabar Sample Colour
Cinnabar Sample Colour
Red Cinnabar
Red Cinnabar

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Prime virgin silver liquid mercury 99,99%

Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99

We are miners owners in Mexico of Cinnabar ore with headquarters in Spain and We can supply from Mexico and from Spain for all Europe, prime virgin silver liquid mercury 99,99% directly of minerals in flasks of 34,5 kilograms. We have certificate SEMARNAT e IATA for the exportation to any sea port in the world or imported inside of Spain and sending to all Europe DDP via truck.

Silver Liquid Mercury

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Amber Stones

AMBER STONES Amber Stones Raw Amber Stones I am specialized in the exportation/importation and production (I am the miner owner in Mexico) of high quality mexican raw amber stones, in sizes of 20 t… Origen: Amber Stones Dried Fish Maw, Dried Shark Fins, Dried Sea Cucumber, Dried Shrimp, Dried Sea Limpets, Dried Abalone, Amber Stones […]

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