Product: salted steers hides (No cows).

Selection: 70% A / 30% B.

Size: 25 to 35 kilogram per hide (Already trimmed). 

Trimming and cleaning: In freshly is trimmed the ears, muzzle, tail and hooves up to the knee.

Availability is variable, but our stock is 40/50 thousand permanent skins. A first one is totally healthy and zero holes. The second allows 1 to 2 small holes. We lift the batteries at 21 days after salting the last slaughter leather and it is shipped after 30 days. At the customer’s request we add Borax. Skinning is completely mechanical, without a knife. Cattle breeds are Angus and Hereford (The best English breeds). These hides are especially suitable for the manufacture of high quality leathers for leather goods and footwear (top quality). The 40-inch container carries approximately 25 tons, which is about 1,200 hides.

Thickness approx. 3.5 / 6.5 mm steers (Full substance – unsplited).

In wet blue of 35 to 45 sqft, average 40 sqft.

Selection in wet blue: 35% TR1 – 45% TR2 – 20% TR3. 

2 m × 1 m pallets. According to the weight of the hides, but 85 / 90 hides per pallets approx. The container of 20″ maximum 24 MT. 8/9 pallets. The CT.  40″ 27 MT. 8/10 Pallets.

salted steers hides
salted steers hides
salted steers hides

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