Black Coral For Sale


Authentic black coral for sale.

I have a quota of up to 200 kilos per month for legal import and export (CITES) of whole branches of black coral large. Being fair amount of black coral which I can supply, I sell the black coral in bulk, at a very low price and its corresponding invoice. The black coral is perfect for jewelry and being black coral branches from an average of 200 to 350 grams, they can even be used to cut for carving or oversized jewelry.

I am fully prepared to provide black coral in bulk, which is a product highly prized and sought after by jewelers and I have the certificate CITES for each consignment imported to Spain by which is 100% legal and you can ship anywhere in the world without problem or I can export to any country…. the features of the quota granted for the black coral are:
Species: Antipatharia
Cupo granted / Achievement: Up to 20 kilos per shipment (weekly or biweekly).
Because the human risk involved in their production is very high, their weight-volume ratio is variable. Being a fishing depth, the black coral is barrier is extracted quickly and constantly, so I can be extracted on a dive both small parts as complete shrubs.
Measurements and weights are on average of:
• 30 grams, per piece of 20 cm approx. (Thickness influences)
• 200 to 350 grams per a piece of 60 to 80 cm approx. (Influences the thickness)
• Shrubs Full of 2 to 9 kilograms each.
The weight average of the black coral, is of 200 to 350 grams in branches of 60 to 80 cm. The marketing is in bulk, in raw and sold around the coral extracted without compromising specific measures and its price is 0.0 euros per gram put in their facilities via MRW, DHL, FEDEX or Envialia (DDP-all-inclusive).
Due to its characteristics, it is one of the most suitable species of coral and demanded for fine jewelry. Attached the photos of the branches of black coral in the rough.
Black Coral For Sale
Black Coral For Sale
Black Coral
Black Coral
Authentic Black Coral
Authentic Black Coral

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