Amber Stones & Amber Beads


Amber Stones

Raw Amber Stones

Authentic amber stones and beads. I am specialized in the exportation/importation and production (I am the miner owner in Mexico) of high quality mexican raw amber stones and authentic amber beads.

I am a dynamic forward thinking company that has embraced change while retaining values that are timeless – Honesty, Integrity, Passion and Professionalism. We have good reputation and work honesty and openly in all the world. All our raw amber stones are of high quality and direct of mine, without intermediaries (I am the end Seller) and the exportation and sale is allways from Spain (100% safely).

I can supply a maximum of 200 kilograms of raw amber stones or amber beads each 35-45 dias without problem and the Delivery method is by DHL or Fedex, DDP with all included and I can guarantee lowest market price for my raw amber stones, according to the amount of purchase and place of delivery.

– I am not intermediary. You will buy raw amber from the 1st hands.

– Fast and safe delivery to any country.

– The raw amber stones that we offer to the customer is of the best quality according to the customer’s needs.

– The colors of the raw amber stones; Green, Red, Honey, Cognac and Beeswax.

– The Sales is in bulk, of all colors and with stones of size of 20 to 350 grams, the stones are raw as they come out of my mine and only the peel is removed. They are not polished, but I also can polish the stones if you prefer in amber beads.

–  We can supply: Raw amber stones or Amber polished or Amber beads.

I am end seller of authentic mexican amber of first quality (all selected “AAA”), of my mine in Mexico and I import my amber to Spain of form 100% legal and then I exported to any country of the world with all the guarantees offered by the European market. My amber is a very good quality (First Grade) and that really like to my Chinese clients in Spain (Europe) and I am exporting from Spain (DDP via international courier) to all the world.

*In stones we have all sizes, weights and colors are desired: amber yellow, amber cognac, amber red, amber green and all shades of the same colors and the amber beeswax (cream) in yellow or orange colours (These are more scarce) and lots of the raw amber stones will be of all colors (mixed).
Product number 1:
Product: raw amber stones in bulk.
Type: Unpolished.
Quantity: 200 kilos per month maximum.
Size: 20 to 400 grams per stone.
Price: …. Euros per gram.
Product number 2:
Product: raw amber stones in bulk.
Type: Half polished (With big window).
Quantity: 100 kilos per month maximum.
Size: 20 to 400 grams per stone.
Price: ….. Euros per gram.
Product number 3:
Product: raw amber stones in bulk.
Type: Fully polished.
Quantity: 100 kilos per month maximum.
Size: 20 to 400 grams per stone.
Price: ….. Euros per gram.
*In natural amber beads (Spheres) we have first qualities with calibrated and uncalibrated measures. Amber colors: amber yellow, amber cognac, white amber (fully transparent) and clearly all shades of the same colors.
Product number 4:
Product: 100% natural amber beads (Spheres First Grade AAA).
Type: completely pure and perfectly spherical and calibrated.
Quantity: 100 kilos per month maximum.
Size: 7 to 50 mm.
Prices for 100% natural amber beads per size:
07-10 mm: …. €/gr
10-15 mm: …. €/gr
15-20 mm: …. €/gr
20-25 mm: …. €/gr
25-30 mm: …. €/gr
30-35 mm: …. €/gr
35-40 mm: …. €/gr
40-45 mm: …. €/gr
45-50 mm: …. €/gr
Additional information
MOQ: Is of 1 Kg of raw amber and 500 gr of beads as trial order.
Delivery method: All prices include the shipping via air express and international courier (DDP – Fedex, DHL, MRW, etc.). Fast and safe delivery to any country.
Size of raw amber stones: We can supply custom-stones of amber raw unpolished, of 1 to 2 kilos, 2 to 3 kilos and more than 3 kilos of weight, but the customer must indicate the amount of purchase and a reference price of purchase (Target price) for this big stones of amber in raw.
Spheres: The spheres can be perforated or unperforated, as the customer prefers.
If you are interested in buy my amber, send me a email and I will send to You all the information, prices and photos of all the types of my amber.

Ambar Pulido 3

Ambar Pulido 4

Ambar Pulido 7

Ambar Pulido 9

Esferas De Ambar 6

Esferas De Ambar 13

Esferas De Ambar 14



Mr. Francisco Javier Gutierrez.
GutierrezAleu M.T.
Director & President.
Ubrique, 11600 Cadiz.
Andalucia (Spain).
Skype: fguti4
WeChat/WhatsApp: 00 34 660997860

Dried Fish Maw, Dried Shark Fins, Dried Sea Cucumber, Dried Shrimp, Dried Sea Limpets, Dried Abalone, Amber Stones and Cow Gallstones.

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